Welcome to the Ward Family Farms Online Buying Club. For those of you who previously participated in our email ordering group, deliveries will continue to work in the way they always have. We will now send out a reminder every weekend to check out the online store and letting you know what is new. The reminders will have a link to bring you here to the store, where you can log in, after you have created an account(one time)and fill the shopping cart for your order, just like any other online shopping. You will see an estimated total, actual totals will be calculated at delivery to account for variations in weights of products. We will still accept all of our usual payment methods at the deliveries and will bring your orders to the drop off time and location you select between Cleveland and Pawnee!

We are excited to be trialing this new way of handling orders and look forward to all of your thoughts and suggestions on how to improve your ordering experience!